Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm Laughing 'Cause It Didn't Happen To Me

We received a message from one of the new Garden Hoes this past Friday that had me rolling with laughter. After having shared it with just about everyone I know, I decided that I needed to share it with all of you (whoever reads this blog). Now, I admit that if I had been in Nancy's shoes, I would have been "concerned" as well but, since it didn't happen to me, I was free to laugh my fool head off wondering where the snake might be now...

From Hoe Nancy:
"I have to share the excitement of my day.  Friday the Thirteenth, right?  I went out to run an errand and the birds were making such a racket that I looked up into the tree.  At first I noticed that there were all kinds of different birds up there, then I saw the snake.  Then my knees got shaky.  I took these pictures and had to go.  So, what's worse than having a snake in the tree overhanging your driveway?  Coming back from the errand and having the snake gone ... and not knowing where it went.  And remembering the snake skin I found in my garage last Spring.  I'll never sleep again.  I may have to move.  I called my neighbor over to come see the pictures and tell her and her kids about it.  She asked me what I did about it.  I told her I emailed my g'friend in New York City.  That'll take care of the problem, won't it?  :O)  It was really interesting the way all the birds rallied to the cause - cardinals, gackles, blue jays, mockingbirds.... I wish I knew what happened."

So, now one has to wonder....did she ever find the snake?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Hoe Got Hitched

Okay, so this has NOTHING to do with gardening, although the wedding WAS held in a beautiful garden and there were flowers.

One of our original Garden Hoes, Jen, was married this past Sunday! It was a beautiful wedding and fab reception held at the Green Pastures Restaurant & Event Center. Hoe Naomi served as the officiant for the ceremony. We are very excited for the newlyweds and wanted to share the happy news with the rest of the world. Congrats Tom & Jen!