Friday, January 16, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Knowing what veggie you want to grow is only the beginning... There are SO many varieties of each veggie it is a little overwhelming trying to determine which will be best to grow. The choices are even greater when one wants to try some new things. I'm in hog heaven and going bonkers at the same time trying to determine which species of various veggies I want to try and grow this year.

While excited about doing fun tomatoes and some colored bell peppers, in addition to squash, zucchini and some other stuff, picking just a few is a very difficult thing to do.

My mouth waters with every plant pix I see as I dream of what wonderful harvest our garden will provide.

--Hoe Heather

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here we go....!

Well, three of us met last night (over wine and munchies, of course) and decided that we ARE going to step out and try our hand at producing on a larger scale. We basically came up with this:

A. We're going to primarily grow food for our families but package and sell the rest at market

B. We're going to have a portion of the garden to grow a few plants in large numbers that we know are prolific and will have a large yield (for example: cherry tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers) and have a portion of the garden for things we want to attempt or grow only for our personal consumption/ use (ex: loofahs, black tomatoes, yellow and red bell peppers)

C. We'll take the spring growing season to possibly recruit a few more folks, get familiar with how many plants it takes to produce enough for our personal consumption and selling

D. See if we can sell our excess produce at a local Farmer's Market maybe once a month or once every other month

I think this is great way for us to start. While we all want to jump right in and go gangbusters, we were able to restrain our enthusiasm and approach this rationally and realistically (surprisingly).

Hoe Heather and I were talking after our meeting and we both agreed (and I am sure the rest do as well) - gardening is our "fun" thing. All of us work full-time and have family and other commitments, and the last thing we want is for gardening to become "another job". If we can maintain this attitude and keep gardening "fun", then I think that any growth of this idea will come out of the passion we have for what we are doing, rather than a sense of obligation to what we've committed.

So, our next step is to meet this Saturday and decide what we want to grow. We're each going to pick a few things that we want to grow for us, then agree on what we grow on a larger scale. Then we start the real work: prepping ground, buying and sowing seed, organizing a schedule, etc...

Fun times in 2009!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Coop Farming for Farmer's Market?

To do or not to do...that is the question. In theory, we are like kids in a candy store and can't wait to jump in and get started. In reality, we're hoping to meet soon to discuss what exactly we're talking about possibly getting involved in and determining if it is something that we can, or really want to do.

The idea arose when a post was found about a new Farmer's Market hoping to start up here in our neck of the woods. initial thoughts were to expand Naomi's veggie garden and we'd just go bonkers growing produce and then we'd harvest the extra to sell at the Farmer's Market. As discussions progress, the idea continues to scale down. Hopefully, though, we'll have a pretty solid idea as to if this is something we're gonna tackle (in addition to our day jobs and regular Garden Hoeing). Keep posted for updates on the Garden Hoes Harvest of Byrne-Out Farms (or Ranch).